Today field kitchens are the most cost-effective catering solution for public events, holidays and wide-area construction projects. Field kitchen require no power supply network, so it can be used anywhere, in any weather. The kitchen runs by solid and liquid fuel and is designed for work at ambient temperatures from -40°C to +50°C. The resource of one field kitchen allows to feed up to 2000 people.

In fact, this type of mobile catering is a vehicle or trailer of a special design with the main function to provide hot food in off-site conditions: outside the city, at remote sites, in places with no access to a stationary stove and other amenities. This is a handy way and saving solution in the absence of stationary kitchens and cafes. The mobile kitchen is completely autonomous and is designed not only for cooking, but also for storing food. As standard, it has three thermos-type boilers, where soup, main dish, and compote are usually cooked. Field kitchen trailer is usually delivered to the site by truck.

A field kitchen can serve a variety of purposes. One of them can be a research expedition with the base located far from populated areas, hunting with a large group of friends, or any other large-scale event in nature at any time of the year. Low-maintenance while meeting basic safety rules and instructions for storage and use, this kitchen will help you in difficult food delivery conditions.

Specialists of “Sağlam Catering” will think through all the details of a complex organizational process and provide you with everything necessary to get high-quality and nutritious hot food.