Corporate catering

"Sağlam Catering" Company provides corporate catering services of the highest quality. We provide our services at manufacturing facilities, business centers, companies’ offices, and educational institutions.

Organization of social events

The catering of public events by "Sağlam Catering" is a high-class off-site restaurant service for business and festive events of any subject, format and status, in halls or at outdoor venues. We will organize among other things.

Ready-to-eat food and baked goods store

The favourable location of the "Sağlam Catering" ready-to-eat food and baked goods store, at ..., allows a great number of our clients to use regularly the services of our cooks. Nice, stylish, modern design and decoration of the hall, convenient parking, friendly staff create comfort for visitors and allows them to make a choice easily without spending a lot of time.

Field kitchen

Today field kitchens are the most cost-effective catering solution for public events, holidays and wide-area construction projects. Field kitchen require no power supply network, so it can be used anywhere, in any weather.

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