The "Sağlam Catering" Company provides corporate catering servCompany provides corporate catering services of the highest quality. We provide our services at manufacturing facilities, business centers, companies’ offices, and educational institutions. Depending on the number of employees, available spaces, and finances, "Sağlam Catering" will offer you catering of different types:

  1. On-site service: catering on your territory.
  2. Delivery of ready-made food: portioned food in packages.

Catering at the enterprise

The service includes equipping the canteen with necessary equipment and furniture, as well as further service (food distribution, room cleaning). You can select one of three formats of catering in the canteen:

  1. Full-service canteen. It implies the organization of a full cycle of cooking – from the preparation of raw materials to service. It is suitable for industrial enterprises, government agencies, as well as for large companies and business centers.
  2. Final processing canteen. Catering in a limited area. In this case, the preparation of raw materials and products is conducted in the kitchens of "Sağlam Catering", then the food is heated and dish out on the client's territory.

Ready-made portions are usually ordered by small companies with irregular catering for employees and organizations with no free space for canteen equipment.
Every day, "Sağlam Catering" delivers hot and tasty food to commercial organizations, office centers, and government agencies. Our lunches are delivered on time, any time of the day, and always hot (delivered in special sealed thermoboxes). Set meals in convenient individual containers (lunch boxes) includes disposable cutlery (spoon, fork, knife) and soft, flavory bread.