The catering of public events by "Sağlam Catering" is a high-class off-site restaurant service for business and festive events of any subject, format and status, in halls or at outdoor venues. We will organize among other things:

  1. Coffee break.
  2. Reception.
  3. Buffet service.
  4. Banquet

Coffee break

Suitable for business forums, seminars, trainings, and scientific conferences. It is a short break held between long parts of a business event. The menu must include soft drinks and snacks in the most convenient serving. Great attention is paid to the serving and decoration of tables, but the catering is held in a self-service format. Usually, in this format, we serve: fresh pastries, delicious bruschetta, and original desserts from our chef.


İt is very often used for large public events, business forums, exhibitions, presentations, parties, New Year's celebrations, and birthday parties. The advantage of reception is the possibility to serve more diverse variations of food with less finances. Food is made in portions and most often consists of snacks, canapes, salads, all types of cold cuts and cupcakes. A distinctive feature, as in the case of a coffee break, is self-service. Waiters only monitor order and offer food to guests.

Buffet service

This format is much like a reception and is used when you need to feed a large number of guests in a short time. The buffet menu must include both snacks and hot dishes.


This format provides for seating of guests at the served tables and serving of dishes. The menu includes a variety of dishes with mandatory options and strict time serving. Cold and hot starters, salads, main dishes, desserts are unchanging components of a festive banquet.