The favourable location of the "Sağlam Catering" ready-to-eat food and baked goods store, at ..., allows a great number of our clients to use regularly the services of our cooks. Nice, stylish, modern design and decoration of the hall, convenient parking, friendly staff create comfort for visitors and allows them to make a choice easily without spending a lot of time.

At the "Sağlam Catering" ready-to-eat food and baked goods store you can also have lunch in a cozy express cafe. You can also get selected tea and fragrant grain or ground coffee here. "Take away" or delivery formats, being especially relevant during the pandemic, available here as well. 

The food is chosen for you to have full meal at home or in the office. The range includes traditional food you already love and used to, and many new delicious dishes, pastries, and drinks. Our food is prepared only with natural products rich in vitamins and micronutrient elements. We pay great attention to healthy nutrition, so we avoid flavor boosters and GMO. Meat dishes are prepared using natural meat without substitutes. We also offer a variety of vegetarian dishes, fruits and vegetables.

Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience. They are very detail-oriented in cooking, so you will be satisfied far and away. In addition, our Company specializes in the delivery of ready-to-eat food and our analysts have made it as convenient and profitable for you as possible!